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You’ll find plenty of information on the diabetic diet if you explore the web. Do some more diabetes research and you’ll even find some websites that recommend diabetic diets and diet plans for those with diabetes.

Unfortunately that information can range so broadly, that creating your Diabetic Diet can seem more complicated than it actually needs to be.

The diabetes research can get you even more confused than you were when you started! But creating a diabetic diet should never feel difficult.

Sound familiar?

You need Diabetes Control:

diabetic fruit in waterI have dedicated this website to anyone who has diabetes in their family or have been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes themselves. is designed to bring you all of the information you need on diabetes nutrition and eating healthy.

Consider me as your friendly, human guide to Diabetic Dieting.

Where you’ll be able to create a healthy diabetic diet that is realistic to your circumstances.

So what will I find on

You will find valuable information like…

  • Why a healthy diet is so important, especially for diabetics.
  • My top reasons why diets fail.
  • The Body Mass Index Calculator and what the figures actually mean.
  • When and How to get started on the diabetic diet.
  • Healthy diet plans catered for you.
  • What food types are best for you, on the food group page.
  • Not forgetting the food groups to watch.
  • Healthy recipes dedicated for diabetics.
  • And much much more!

More importantly, all of this information is friendly, free diabetes information that will answer your questions and ease your nerves (and hopefully your blood pressure) wherever you are in the world.

Here’s what you can find on our diabetic dieting blog –

Diabetic Dieting Blog

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The Diabetic Dieting Blog gives you all of the latest updates on living a healthy diabetic diet courtesy of

Calories in Food – How to meet your GDA/RDA

Gadini / Pixabay

Counting calories in food is difficult when you cook from scratch but vital if your on a diet. Learn how to easily meet your GDA/RDA or weight goals here.

Create your Healthy Diet – Balanced Diet

Couleur / Pixabay

Proper eating is fundamental to health so it is important to have a healthy diet.The typical western diet contributes to many syndromes, including diabetes.

Why Diets Fail – Fad Diets – Dieting Tips

RyanMcGuire / Pixabay

Fad diets aren’t the only reason why diets fail. Some of the best diets can fail for several physical and phsychological reasons, that you can discover here.

Drinking Water – Filtered Water – Distilled Water

bogitw / Pixabay

Dehydration can occur easily if you stop drinking water. So learn the best time drink water and why cold water is bad for you. Find the pros and cons of distilled and filtered water. Read on here…

Healthy Food Groups – 5 Major Food Groups
Find out what the food groups are, why they are important to learn and how this helps anyone on a diabetic diet.
Vegetables & their seasons
Vegetables need to be part of a diabetic diet. So learn the best way and season, to eat them.
Diabetic Fruit list – List of Fruit And Their Seasons
This fruit list page is dedcated to diabetics, with a list of the best fruits for diabetes and their seasons. So you can buy seasonal fruit rich in essential vitamins and minerals
The Glycemic Index & Its Benefits – Blood Sugar Levels
Manage your carbs with the Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load. Its effects on diabetes will help you maintain your blood sugar levels and control your appetite.
Fat Burning Foods – Negative Calorie Foods
fat burning foodsEating fat burning foods is a great way to lose weight but do you really know how it works? You can’t just eat yourself thin so know the facts here.
How to Read the Food Label – GDA/RDA – Nutrition Facts
Find the food labels nutritional guidlines for men, women and children here. Learn how to Read most types of Food Label and the GDA/RDA in their nutrition facts.
Healthy Recipes – With Videos And Images

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Forget long lists of recipe guides. The Healthy Recipes page here uses visual recipes with videos and images to make healthy cooking, simpler.

Workout Program – Exercise Program – Exersise

Wokandapix / Pixabay

Prioritise Right! Create your workout program. Learn to make exercise fun and convenient with an exercise program.

Aerobic Exercise – Aerobic Capacity – Aerobic Fitness

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Aerobic exercise has many benefits, which improve your aerobic fitness. Improving your aerobic capacity or vo2 max will make exercise easier. Click here to learn more.

Free Exercise Program – Workout Program – weight loss programs

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A diabetic guide to a free exercise program. Is lack of time an issue? Solve it with my workout program here.

Muscle Strength – Why Muscle Exercises Aren’t Just for Men

Sapper_Designs / Pixabay

Our muscle strength plays an important role in any exercise program. So learn why muscle exercises should be a part of your workout program, even if you’re a woman.

Vitamins and Minerals and Nutritional Supplements – Essential For Diabetics
Your guide to essential vitamins and minerals for diabetics. Discover the natural food sources of vitamins and minerals and find out how nutritional supplements can help you manage your diabetic diet
Iron Deficiency – Anemia Disorder – Iron Rich Foods

Anemone123 / Pixabay

Iron Deficiency Anemia is the most common type of Anaemia Disorder yet anemia of this type is easily treatable with iron rich foods. So treat iron dificiency with this guide on Heme and Non Heme iron.

High Fiber Foods – Fibre – Dietary Fibre
Fiber is essential for diabetics. High Fiber foods can help you control your blood sugar. Learn how dietary fibre can suppress your appetite and help control diabetes.
Your Diabetic Diet – Balanced Diet – Diabetes Control

Mittmac / Pixabay

A balanced, diabetic diet is key to improving your diabetes control so learn how to create your diabetic diet plan here, based on the food groups, glycemic index and a simple workout program.

Healthy Diet Plan

domokus / Pixabay

With so many diabetic diet plans out there, how do you find a healthy diet plan catered to you? Find your answer here.

Avocado Salsa Recipe – Avacado Salsa With Key Lime
Sick of using hard to follow recipes? Try cooking this Avocado Salsa With Key Lime with this video recipe. This light healthy recipe uses fresh avacado to create a balanced meal from any food groups.
Quinoa Recipe – Quinoa Recipes With Salmon
The quinoa recipe has a fusion of vegetables, red salmon and the mother grain, quinoa wit fresh passata and only takes 20mins to cook!
Weight Control – Diabesity – Healthy Weight Management

mojzagrebinfo / Pixabay

Weight control plays an important role in a healthy diet but with Diabesity, weight management becomes more critical. So get your weight in your healthy weight range with quick weight loss/gain, here.

Free Calorie Counter – Diabetes Calorie Counters
The Diabetic-Dieting free calorie counter page offers simple diabetes counters that measure your calories in food, calories burned during exercise and can help you create and manage a food diary.
Free BMI Calculator – Healthy Weight Range Calculator – BMI
With the BMI calculator you’ll see how far you are from a normal weight. For a more comprehensive calculation…
Weight Loss Program
An average of 5 pounds is lost in 5 days on this weight loss program. Lose weight the healthy way, with low GI options (Glycemic Index).
Positive Thinking & the Power of Certainty
Psychologists often talk about the power of positive thinking. But this is also a key factor in making your diet work!
Hypoglycemia – Reactive Hypoglycemia – Hypoglycaemia
Hypoglycemia and reactive hypoglycemia can be prevented with a healthy snack. Find solutions to its common causes and how it can effect your sex life!
The Diabetic Dieting Sitemap and SiteSearch
Forget long lists of links. The Diabetic Dieting Sitemap has a comprehensive google-like structure making it easy to browse You can even search for keywords on the site!
Get In Touch – Contact me – Contact Details
Do you have any questions about me or this site? Want to make a few comments? Get in touch and contact me with the following contact details for …
Useful Links – Diabetes Links – Resources Page
Find useful links related to the diabetic dieting website. The links page lists diabetes links and health links, which are updated regularly. Read this 3 week diet review – well worth the read!
Health Disclaimer
Diabetic Dieting Health Disclaimer – Whilst all of this info is given with positive intentions, no actions should be taken based solely on …
Website Privacy Policy – Privacy Protection – Privacy Policy Statement recognises that your privacy protection is important. So the website privacy policy statement outlines how personal information is used when you use our site.

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