A Light & Healthy Salad With An Organic Bacon Dressing

Sick of cooking from hard to follow recipe books and websites?


This Arugula Asparagus Salad recipe comes courtesy of Model Herbs Organic Chef Keith Conow from Nikki Beach in South Beach.

Made with organic bacon, this 11min video recipe from ModelHerbs.com only takes about 10 – 15 minutes to cook.

Here’s how this Arugula Asparagus Salad fits into the food groups…

This recipe uses foods from the Meat and Beans and the Fruits and Vegetables Food Groups. And since this is a light salad with protein from the bacon and part of your five a day, it’s ideal for lunch-time.

You can eat the Arugula Asparagus Salad hot or cold and you can even use different cuts of meat like turkey bacon or even fish so that you can prepare this healthy recipe in advance and add variety.

Enough from me… Here’s the Arugula Asparagus Salad Video Recipe: