Simple gadgets providing you with your Healthy Weight Range and your BMI

On the BMI Calculator page, you’ll find useful gadgets that calculate your Body Mass Index and Healthy Weight Range.

I recommend that you use both gadgets with the same data (same height/weight) and you’ll find out why later on in the page:

How do I use the BMI Calculator?

To use the Free Body Mass Index Calculator enter your height and weight (in either inches/feet and lbs or select metric for cm and kg) then Click on the BMI button to calculate your Body Mass Index.

The Free BMI calculator above, is useful to determine if you have a “normal” weight for your height. There are 5 categories of BMI:

  • Underweight – Anorexia or Borderline Anorexic
  • Normal – Within your Healthy Weight Range for your height
  • Overweight – Slightly outside of your Healthy Weight Range
  • Obese – A condition that can cause Diabesity and other Minor/Major health conditions
  • Morbid Obesity (Off the Scale) – With a BMI > 40 you have a great risk of major health conditions and a shortened life span

If you are overweight or obese, finding your BMI will help you set realistic goals to get you to a normal weight. But you should also consider calculating your healthy weight range as the BMI scale has its limitations:

Healthy Weight Range Calculator

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How do I find my Healthy Weight Range?

Use the Free Healthy Weight Range Calculator above to check your healthy body weight.

Enter your height and weight (in either inches/feet and lbs or select cm from the drop down menu for cm and kg) and your healthy weight range will appear with some useful tips.

What is the difference between the Body Mass Index and Healthy Weight Range Calculators?

bmi vs healthy weight range

The Body Mass Index is a globally known tool, which makes it very easy to compare and understand your results compared to other people in a similar group (age, sex, height etc).

BMI Calculators measure your Height against your weight to produce a general number and place you in 1 of 5 categories listed above.

However, as opposed to giving you 1 number, the Healthy Weight Rangecalculator uses a different calculation.

Your healthy weight range is often based on your height, age and sex, to give you a more detailed and sometimes, more accurate result when compared to the BMI calculators.

That’s why, your BMI category (Under/Overweight, Normal, Obese/Morbid) may differ from the result given from a Healthy Weight Range calculator.

What does it mean if my BMI is different to my Healthy Weight Range?

healthy weight range appleWell, it often means that whilst you may be in a certain BMI category, it would be more beneficial to you if you had an ideal body weight in your weight range, regardless of where that puts your BMI.

For example, you could have a “Normal” BMI of say, 20 but according to your healthy weight range, you’re “Underweight” and won’t have an ideal body weight until your BMI is 24.

Also, if you are only slightly overweight/underweight you may not have an ideal body weight but you might still be within your healthy weight range.

In a sense, the limitations of each of the calculators make up for one another to help you make a more informed conclusion.

So what is the best way to use the results from a Healthy Weight Range and BMI Calculator?

mini bmi chartI recommend using both gadgets and comparing them with each other to make a more informed decision on any action/inaction you could take.

Of course none of these gadgets are a substitute for professional medical advice…

…But, when you compare calculated results with how you look and feel, it may give you a better idea of where you fit amongst a group of similar people and give you the confidence you need to improve your diabetes control.

Want to know how your weight control has an impact on your diabetes control?

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For a more comprehensive calculator you may want to try the full body analysis calculator.

Whilst it calculates your ideal weight based on your BMI, body shape and size, it also provides results on your target heart rate and metabolism.