Simple diabetes calorie counters for food and exercise

The free calorie counter page is a fun and easy way to be counting calories. From calories in food, to the sugars in drinks, to calories burned during an exercise routine you’ll find it on this page.

Below are some free calorie counters that can help you create and manage a diabetes food diary by counting your calories burned vs. calories eaten in food.

Blood Glucose Level Calculator

Do you get confused between mg/dl and mmol/l? Use the gadget below to convert your blood sugar levels to and from mg/dl (MilliGram per DeciLiter) and mmol/l (MilliMoles per Liter).

The Vitamin Nutrients Wheel

A fun little gadget to help you understand the benefits of vitamin nutrients.

The Vitamin Nutrients Wheel will give you you a brief outline of the Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts that contain the vitamin nutrients that you clicked on, whilst giving you the benefit of each nutrient.

Whilst not as comprehensive as the Vitamins and Minerals page, this nifty gadget should put the fun back into knowing your Vitamin A to your Vitamin K!

For a more comprehensive guide to the essential vitamins and minerals for diabetics and how simple it is to make these nutrients a part of your diet,
Click Here to head to the Vitamins and Minerals page, Now!

Fitness Intensity Calculator:

Once you’ve entered your sex, age and weight (in lbs or kg) choose your fitness activity in the category section and then a more specific type of exercise in the type section.

After filling in the other columns, it will then give you the calories burned during your fitness activity, making it easier to manage and create a food diary.

Calorie Burned Calculator

Don’t like pounds? Neither do I unless it’s Pounds Sterling :^)


Calories in food – Using the Food label Database

This works in a very similar way to the GI/GL Database. Want to access the Glycemic Index Database? Access the GI/GL database here.

This gadget has a huge database of foods. Amazingly, it will give you the food label for the food you typed in! Giving you the calories in food, cholesterol level, fat content, carbohydrate count and more…

To brush up on your food label reading skills and a glossary of food terms, head to the food label page here.

NEW!!! – Your Personal GDA/RDA Calculator

You probably know by now that on average Women need to eat 2000kcal per day and Men need 2500kcal per day, but what if you don’t fall into that band? No I’m not calling you a hermaphrodite :^)

You may need to eat more or less than the average RDA’s for Men or Women and this gadget can show you your GDA/RDA (Guideline Daily Amounts/Recommended Daily Allowance) making it personalised to your needs.

To use it simply select your calories goal at the top, then customise the next columns with how much food you eat from each of the 5 Main Food Groups. The gadget will then show you your total calorie intake so that you can create targeted goals based on your needs!

Your Personal GDA/RDA Calculator

Have an iPhone? Tap and Track!

Tap and track is an iphone application that gives you the ability to track calories in food as well as calories burned during exercise.

It’s basically like each free calorie counter on this page rolled into one on your iphone!

Any suggestions?

If you have any suggestions or calorie counting gadgets that you would like me to add let me know! Click here to send me your suggestions.

These calorie counters are the best ones I have found based on simplicity and their accuracy. Just note, the calorie counters cannot substitute advice from a medical professional.

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