Diabetes Definition

What is diabetes and how does a person get diabetes to start with? This is a questions that still gets asked a lot and today, I thought I would explain just what diabetes is. There are two main types of diabetes which you may have already heard of: Type 1 and Type

Simple Sugars

What do you mean by “simple”? There are two types of sugars: Complex and Simple carbohydrates. Complex sugars are starchy carbohydrates which are slowly digested. If they’re simple, they’ll be digested quickly and give us a quick buzz of energy, but they have little nutritional value (almost the opposite of complex carbohydrates).
Diabetes Health

How to Gain Weight

Finding out how to gain weight healthily isn’t the easiest thing to find on the net. Even harder to find is how to gain weight healthily if you’re diabetic! So it’s just as well you’re here. Here’s your diabetic guide to healthy weight gain: Only slightly underweight? Only just, have a normal

Positive Thinking

Discover how the Power of Certainty can cure your Mind, Body & Soul Image courtesy of www.AnthonyFernando.com Positive thinking is unlikely to be the first thing on a diabetics mind but it is key for balance. It is often underestimated, as too is the power of certainty. This is a shame. Understanding

Weight Loss Program

Welcome to the diabetic dieting, weight loss program. Now that you’ve read the vital info on the food groups and know why diets fail kickstart your diet with the weight loss plan. The average weight loss for this program is about 5 pounds in 5 days. It will also help you balance

Muscle Strength

Showing you why muscle exercises aren’t just for men! The graph above shows what happens to your muscle strength if you don’t exercise your muscles. After 5 weeks without muscle exercises, your muscle strength will drop to 65% of what it was before you stopped exercising, even if you’re a woman! Why

Aerobic Exercise

Discover The benefits of Consistent Aerobic Exercise The Graph above shows the dramatic decline in your aerobic fitness when you don’t exercise for 5 consecutive weeks. Keep reading for more detail. Want to improve your Fitness Level? Aerobic exercise is typically the most popular type of exercise. Anyone trying to get fit,

Fruit List

33% of a balanced diet* * Fruit is one half of the Fruit and Veg food group which makes 33% of a balanced diet. A fruit list can contain plenty of fruit but most of them can’t be bought easily. Especially since each fruit has its own season! Fruit forms an essential


33% of a balanced diet* * Vegetables is one half of the Fruit and Veg food group which makes 33% of a balanced diet. Diabetics are much safer with the veg section of fruit and veg. Whilst there are some sweet veg around, they aren’t as common as the sweet fruits. One

Dietary Fiber

Friendly Tips and Advice on the Benefits of a Fiber Rich Diet Image uploded to flickr by Mr. T in DC Fiber is a nutrient that is essential for everyone, especially diabetics. A high-fibre diet can help you feel fuller for longer and control your blood sugar levels. If you have a