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Why Diets Fail

My top reasons and solutions to help you re-create your diet There are many reasons why diets fail but they tend to fall in to two categories: Physical Psychological So why have I put physical in the group? Surely this is obvious. You could be trying a diet because you are overweight

Daily Exercise

Helping you find the best time to exercise, whilst avoiding hypoglycemia Daily exercise has many phyiscal benefits, as well as the bonus benefits for diabetics. Controlling your blood sugar can be even easier than usual, if you follow a daily exercise program. So when is the best time to exercise? Mornings are

Quinoa Recipe

Healthy quinoa recipes with red salmon and fresh passata Only 20mins cooking time! Food Groups Used in the quinoa recipe: – Meat and Beans (fish is part of that group) – Fruit and Veg – Grains What you need: 3/4 cup of quinoa (200g) about 400ml of water Green/red/orange/yellow peppers 3 cloves

Avocado Salsa Recipe

Cook This Fresh & Healthy Avocado Salsa in Minutes! Yield: About 6 servings Ingredients 6 medium roma tomatoes (20 oz), seeded and diced 1 cup chopped red onion, chopped 1 large or 2 small jalapeños, seeded and chopped (1/4 cup. Leave seeds if you like heat) 3 medium avocados, semi-firm but ripe, peeled,

Glycemic Index

Glycemic Index Helping you to manage your blood sugar levels with the Gi food list and Glycemic Load Low Gi Pasta Dish image uploaded to flickr by PhyrePh0X Many diabetics successfully base their diabetic diets on the Glycemic Index (or Gi) but does that mean you can benefit from the Glycemic Index

Iron Deficiency

Helping you cure the most common Anemia Disorder with Iron Rich Foods Above: The molecular structure of an Iron (Fe) atom uploaded to Flickr by cookipedia. The Iron Mineral is vital to human life and yet iron deficiency is so common around the world. Iron plays an important role in our red