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Free Calorie Counter – Diabetes Calorie Counter

Simple diabetes calorie counters for food and exercise The free calorie counter page is a fun and easy way to be counting calories. From calories in food, to the sugars in drinks, to calories burned during an exercise routine you’ll find it on this page. Below are some free calorie counters that

BMI Calculator

Simple gadgets providing you with your Healthy Weight Range and your BMI On the BMI Calculator page, you’ll find useful gadgets that calculate your Body Mass Index and Healthy Weight Range. I recommend that you use both gadgets with the same data (same height/weight) and you’ll find out why later on in

Diabetes Diet – The TLC Diet for Diabetics

What is TLC Diet? Will this work for people with Diabetes?The Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) diet was developed with more than diabetics in mind. It is a diet that is recommended to people with high cholesterol, heart or other cardiovascular diseases and those that have been diagnosed with diabetes. This diet consists
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When you are Hungry in Between Meals

There are going to be times when you have finished your meal or snack and you are hungry again long before your next meal is scheduled or right before bed. Depending on how much time you have to go before you are supposed to eat again and what your blood sugar levels are at you may
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Diabetes Definition Part II

In my previous post we have discuss what Type I Diabetes is. Now we will talk about Type II and Gestational Diabetes. Type II diabetes Type II diabetes is attained slowly, by creating a situation where the sugar is not properly processed by the body’s insulin. Not enough insulin is produced to

Food For Diabetes Diet

I was searching online on what food to eat, something I would love and not increase my blood sugar. I came across a blog and some of the suggestions are great. To check the entire list, please click here: A Sweet Life Foods That Helps Manage Diabetes: 85% Dark Chocolate: When I was a

Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes Symptoms The following symptoms of diabetes are typical. However, some people with type 2 diabetes have symptoms so mild that they go unnoticed. Common symptoms of diabetes: Urinating often Feeling very thirsty Feeling very hungry – even though you are eating Extreme fatigue Blurry vision Cuts/bruises that are slow to heal

Free Food List For Diabetes

Free Food List for Diabetes Even though there are free foods on a diabetes diet it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay for them. What it does mean is you can eat them freely without considering them an exchange or counting them as carbohydrates. These are the kinds of foods

Diabetes Definition

What is diabetes and how does a person get diabetes to start with? This is a questions that still gets asked a lot and today, I thought I would explain just what diabetes is. There are two main types of diabetes which you may have already heard of: Type 1 and Type

How to Exercise: Muscles

Helping You To Discover The Benefits Of A Muscle Workout To get the most of out a workout you need to know how to exercise. Without that knowledge, you may not get the most out of your workout, be it simple or complex. I talked about this and the tree fundamental elements