Showing you how effective workout programs don’t have to involve the gym!

Why do we think exercise programs are expensive? Because they usually are! But a free exercise program can be just as effective, as many paid for programs like the gym.

Then again, even if it’s a free exercise program, we often pluck out excuses for not working out! The most common of which is, lack of time.

Lack of time is one of the main reasons that we have for not exercising. Survey after survey, it gets clearer that exercise plans have to be convenient.

If you’ve already read the How to Exercise pages you’ll know that all you need is 30 minutes per workout. Any equipment needed can be taken from the environment you’re in. So you can workout anywhere, anytime.

But if you haven’t, follow the How to Exercise links at the bottom of the Workout Program page here.

There are two main types of exercise:

These two types of exercise are applied in different ways. So I have split the free exercise program into these two groups for simplicity. For maximum effect, they should be combined into an overall program.

A useful approach to exercise is using the A/B rule that I discussed in the How to Exercise pages. Click here to head to the Workout Program page to learn how to exercise with the A/B rule.

So how do I fit a free exercise program into my schedule?

Believe it or not, muscle exercises are much more convenient to do than aerobic exercise.

You can exercise your muscles without attracting too much attention. So it can be done at work or whilst on the move with anything at hand.

For example you could exercise your arms by pushing or pulling an object like a wall or a couple of files. Or you could exercise your legs with simple up and down/ side to side movements whilst seated.

However, aerobic exercise can also be convenient if you need to get somewhere or run an errand. For example, walking exercises are popular and can get you to the park, shops or a friends house. Even gardening can count as exercise.

Nonetheless, it is important to consider how many calories you will burn whilst exercising so that you can eat the perfect recovery snack to prevent hypoglycemia.

That’s why you’ll find links to…

The Free Calorie Counter page – with calorie counters for exercise and food


The Daily Exercise page – with advice on how to time your exercise to best cope with your blood sugar levels.

So if you want your questions answered, follow the links below:

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