Everything You Need to Create your Healthy, Balanced Diet

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We all know that a healthy diet is important for our bodies. We may also have a rough idea of what that should be. But with so many companies making health claims about their products, not to mention all the press that goes round it, it’s easy to get confused.

So what is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is a diet that meets your GDA/RDA values and provides enough nutrition to keep you performing at your best.

A healthy diet should also contain an exercise program to keep your body and mind active. You can learn more about daily exercises here.

So live a healthy diabetic lifestyle!

Keep reading for everything you need to know about creating a healthy diet catered to you and how that forms part of your diabetes cure.

Finding the info you need on a diabetes cure can sure feel daunting…

…But you need to stay in control. Without diabetes control, your psychology may put you in an early grave. You’ll carry on with your lifestyle and daily routines that worsen not just your diabetes, but your life!

Need a reality check?

You’ll say that you are doing your best, only eating a few bars of chocolate or a few takeaways or a few fizzy drinks to go down with your meals. But in reality you’re trapped in your own mind, with the same psychology that’s making you ill.

In most cases we do this because this is what we have been doing for so often.

It is hard enough to change a routine as it is but when you’re bamboozled with all the information out there, it’s much easier to just carry on as you are.

If this is you, or someone you know, you are at the right place. I have dedicated this website for you!

Bad eating habits can be hard to change but once you create positive habits, you’ll feel so good about yourself that dieting will be much easier.

So how can I start to take control of my diet?

Start by, checking out the Why Diets Fail page to discover some important solutions to failed diets.

Then, start by understanding the 5 main food groups and the nutrients found in each. As soon as you do, it’ll be easier to kick those bad habits and form your healthy diet.

Each food group forms the fundamentals of a balanced diet. Eating these groups of foods in healthy proportions will balance your diet and life, changing your lifestyle forever.

So what are these food groups? Click here to find out on the Food Groups page.

Are there any natural cures for Diabetes?

A natural cure for diabetes should come from within. By giving your body the nutrients it needs, you will heal quicker.

Whilst having a healthy, balanced diet is part of the cure, there is some more info you might like to consider.

Understand the following dieting factors and you can achieve a healthy, balanced diet:

drinking water in a glassStop drinking water or don’t drink enough and you’ll become susceptible to a heap of skin problems. Not to mention dehydration and all of its problems!

So many people I know don’t drink enough water; I don’t want you to be another one on my list! So Stop Dehydrating!

Click here to learn everything you need to know about Drinking Water.


fat burning foodsBoth indirect and direct fat burning foods are not only useful in burning fat but increasing your metabolism and toning your body.

It’s very simple to do and can be very effective with a healthy balanced diet and an exercise routine.

Click here to discover Fat Burning foods their benefits and their food sources.

food label nutrition factsIf you don’t understand (or even remember) what you put in your body your more likely to have weight control problems.

With diabetes on top, this can cause you further discomfort and even higher risks of disease in the long-run.

So read what you eat.

Learn how to better understand the food that you eat here, on the Food Label page.


wheat-fiberSoluble fiber is essential for diabetics as it gives you better control of your blood sugar levels. It can even reduce your bad cholesterol levels!

So if you don’t have a fiber-rich diet, you should consider it here on the Fiber page.


glycemic-index-logoMany diabetics use the Glycemic Index to successfully improve their diabetes control, but are you one of them?

The Glycemic Index has been shown to benefit our blood sugar levels and can help you regain and improve your diabetes control. So what are you waiting for?

Click Here to Discover How You Can Benefit From the Glycemic Index Original image uploaded to flickr by nick kulas

Eat natural foods and cook with herbs

Whilst this isn’t essential for a balanced diet, it can help optimise your health and enhance the flavour of your food.

Other dieting factors that are overlooked.

Whilst a healthy diet is essential, there some other vital factors to consider, especially for diabetics. These factors can offer HUGE benefits, one being faster metabolism.

To learn more about each individual factor, follow these links:
Fat burning Foods
Negative Calorie foods & Thermogenic Protein Foods
Water and dehydrationGlycemic IndexVitamins and MineralsFiber (insoluble & soluble)How to read the food label

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