Showing You How To Cook Healthy Recipes In Minutes With Image & Video Recipes!

The Healthy Recipes Kiwi Image, uploaded to Flickr by sh0dan

Simple cooking shouldn’t have to involve your supermarket freezers and their microwave foods. Simplify things by creating the image and video recipes on this page.

The healthy recipes page is your hub to a variety of recipes from around the globe and all can be used as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

On most of the recipes pages I have provided a mini Food Group Guide to help you identify which food groups make each recipe and how you can create a balanced diet out of each one.

The Healthy Recipes:

Mediterranean Style Quinoa With Red SalmonThe quinoa recipe has a fusion of vegetables, salmon and the mother grain, quinoa (keen-wah).

Chili Con Carne With Wild Rice RecipeHere you’ll find THE Chili Con Carne recipe with a twist. Click here to find the secret ingredient!

Avocado Salsa – Video RecipeCook This Fresh & Healthy Avacado Salsa in Minutes!

Coconut Chicken Curry – Video RecipeIt’s your turn to cook the Coconut Chicken Curry with fresh Chicken Breast and vegetables.

Arugula Asparagus Salad – Video RecipeA Light & Healthy Salad With An Organic Bacon Dressing.

Cooking Without Eggs – Video GuideLearn The Art of Vegan Baking With These Eggless Recipes.

Organic Chicken Fiesta – Video RecipeA High Protein, Low Carb Dish With Organic Chicken Breast.

Need some more information on Meal Planning?

Meal Planning can be an important part of a Diabetic Diet as it plays a key role in preventing hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be hassle-free!

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