Discover how the Power of Certainty can cure your Mind, Body & Soul


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Positive thinking is unlikely to be the first thing on a diabetics mind but it is key for balance. It is often underestimated, as too is the power of certainty.

This is a shame. Understanding this can help you in many ways, especially when dieting. Read on to understand these two concepts and how they can change your life.

Why do we take positive thinking for granted?

“We can do this. Just think positive!”, a common phrase in many books and films. In fact it is a popular phrase in our daily lives. And yet the feeling never seems to last.

This happens because life tends to take over. The diabetes doesn’t help either! So it gets pushed to the back of our minds and is taken for granted even though it can cure many conditions.

How can positive thinking cure many conditions?

Well it creates a chain reaction:


  • Positive Thinking leads to:
  • Positive Action, leading to:
  • Positive Habits, leading to:
  • Positive Results


Diabetics that think positive will take positive action to cure their condition. These are the people with normal BMI’s and balanced lives. Repeating the process gets results as you’ll think clearly and logically about everything.

This can be from the things you eat, to how you spend your time and to how often you drink water. Drinking water is also taken for granted but that too, is key to balance! Learn more here.

The Negative Power of Certainty

I’m going to talk about HIV for a moment to illustrate this point.

We all know that HIV is a killer. It has destroyed many lives directly or indirectly. It is also associated with fear and stress.

The American basketball player Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jr. (who played for the Los Angeles Lakers) was a phenominal B-ball player in the 80’s. But in 1991 during a routine test he was diagnosed with HIV. He immediately retired after this news.

Because of the social stigma of the disease and the opinions of his doctors he believed that he had HIV, he felt certain.

His negative certainty cost him his career. Ironically, 9 times out of ten, the test he took, incorrectly identifies HIV for hetrosexuals.

Whilst diabetes doesn’t have as much stigma as HIV/aids the certainty that a persons life will never be the same can be just as negative.

Conversely, certainty can cure you.

Feeling certain that you will cure yourself from a condition or disease often works.

Kylie Minogue (Australian born singing artist) proved this when she had cancer and cured it. Now she’s stronger than ever and continues to create hits in the charts.

The bottom line is:

Don’t underestimate the Power of Certainty and Thinking Positive. Having this mentality is more tha half of the equation to a balanced diabetic life.

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