Weight control plays an important role to a healthy diet. The weight control page includes some diet programs that can help you reach your healthy weight whether you need quick weight loss or weight gain.

What’s my healthy weight?

Scientifically, your healthy weight is determined by your BMI (Body Mass Index). Your BMI is found by assesing your current weight and height and tells you whether you have a healthy weight.

Is my healthy weight a specific number?

No, that would be unreasonable. Your BMI will give you a healthy weight range. If you weigh anywhere in that range, you have a healthy weight.

A healthy weight range could range by as much as, or more than, 40Pounds / 20KG.

How do I find my healthy weight range?

Easy. Use the BMI Calculator here (also on the NavBar) enter your current weight and height and hey presto!

The BMI Calculator is at the top of the page in a red border. You can enter your details in metric or imperial measurments for ease of use.

You can learn more about the BMI Calculator on that page, here
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What happens if my weight isn’t in my healthy weight range?

You’ll need better weight control! Don’t worry too much if you’re only slightly off the range as that can be easily remedied with minor dietary adjustments and/or exercise.

Only slightly overweight?

Here are some useful links that may improve your weight control:

Better Calorie Management

Whether you’re slightly underweight or overweight, better calorie management may be the only reason that your BMI is slightly off normal.

So to improve your understanding on the average calories in each food group, click here.

Is ‘Slightly Overweight’ an understatement?

An unhealthy amount of diabetics are overweight or obese. If you are one of them your condition could be described with a recent term:


I wanted to laugh at this initially, but really it’s a sad thing.

Why? Benet Middleton, Chief Executive at Diabetes UK makes it clear. He said, “80 per cent of people are overweight when they are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes”.

So what is Diabesity?

A fusion of the words Diabetes and Obesity, Diabesity is a recent term used to describe “Type 2 Diabetes caused by Obesity”.

Diabesity is actually a registered trademark created in the year 2000 by ‘Shape Up America!’. The term was created to raise awareness of the link between Diabetes and Obesity.

For further info on Diabesity® and Shape Up America! click here.

Do you have Diabesity?

If you’re overweight or obese and are diabetic, you probably already know that you’re at risk to a page long list of additional conditions.

But with better weight control and a more stable weight, that page long list of conditions could be whittled down dramatically!

If you already have a health condition caused by obesity you might want to ask your doctor some questions.

Weight control is an important part of diabetes and it doesn’t need to be difficult. Once you are in your healthy weight range your weight control can become second nature.

In the meantime you might want to consider using a digital gadget to help you control your weight.

Click here to learn more about the healthy weight loss program.

What if I’m slightly underweight?

If you’re slightly underweight or only just in your weight range you may want to consider putting on weight. Putting on weight can be simple and healthy with the right information!

There is a lot of confusing info on the net about healthy weight gain so i’m here to set things straight. But whatever you do NEVER, EVER, EVER stuff yourself silly with fatty foods to put on weight!

Why? Find out here on the How to Gain Weight page.

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