Welcome to the diabetic dieting, weight loss program.

Now that you’ve read the vital info on the food groups and know why diets fail kickstart your diet with the weight loss plan.

The average weight loss for this program is about 5 pounds in 5 days. It will also help you balance your food groups as it is based on the GI (Glycemic Index). So you don’t have to worry about spiking your blodd sugar levels. Learn more about the GI here.

Why should I use this weight loss program?

95% of the people who do, report significantly reduced carbohydrate cravings after completing the program. Making it easier to balance your diet with the food groups.

How long does it last?

Simple. It’s a 5 day program

How does the program work?

Each day you replace your meals and snacks with low GI diet shakes and bars, and a bonus snack of one serving of Fruit and veg.

Also, you’ll get a 5 day course of high quality vitamins and minerals, aiming to boost your digestive and immune systems. Click here to learn some of the specific nutrients that are essential for diabetics.

You’ll also need to drink drink about 2 litres of water per day. An extra 500ml (2.5 glasses) of water than the RDA (Reccomended Daily Allowance).

Do I have to do any exersise?

Only the RDA of excersise is needed. This is about 30 mins per day. You should either walk briskly for 30 mins or walk about 3000 steps.

The program comes with a DVD to help get you started, including a workout guide for the 5 days and beyond.

What makes this diet program healthy?

The low-GI carbs in the diet shakes and bars are packed with low-fat sources of protein and beneficial fats as well as soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber is essential for blood sugar control and you can learn more here.

This combination is well balanced and ties in with the principles of a balanced diet. And because it is Low-GI it won’t spike your blood sugar levels.

So what will i get in the program?

  • 15 servings of diet shakes (available in a variety pack of Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla)
  • 5 Peanut Butter flavour nutrition bars
  • 5 Iced Lemon flavour nutrition bars
  • 5 Sachets of AM/PM vitamins and mineral supplements
  • 1 Kickstart DVD
  • 1 program guide
  • And just for fun, a fridge magnet


Want to start the Weight Loss Program?

If you’d like to start the program or would like some more information,contact me here.

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